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Rev9 coilovers review

Looking for an affordable coilover suspension kit for your Honda Civic? Check out the Rev9 Coilovers review. In this review, we’ll discuss their features, benefits, and how they can enhance your driving experience. Get improved cornering stability, reduced body roll, and a smoother ride. Make an informed decision before purchasing!

Rev 9 hyper street 2 coilovers review

The Rev 9 Hyper-Street 2 Coilovers are a specially designed kit for lowering vehicles. They feature a mono-tube shock with a steel alloy body and valving. You can adjust stiffness and ride height separately with independent spring tension and ride height settings.

The Hyper-Street II coilover suspension upgrade also features a full coilover damper setup system and full length adjustability. The mono-tube shocks provide a larger capacity for gas and oil, improving the comfortable level of a typical lowering vehicle. The special 32 clicks of valving allow users to fine-tune the rebound force settings. The independent spring tension and full length adjustability allow for drop without sacrificing comfort by shortening the pitch distance.

Features and Benefits:

Spring Rate: The front coilovers have a spring rate of 7 kg/mm (392 lbs/inch), while the rear coilovers have a spring rate of 5 kg/mm (280 lbs/inch). This allows for optimal handling and improved performance on the road.

Top Mount Options: The coilovers come with a pillow ball camber plate for the front and a standard top mount for the rear. These options provide additional adjustability and enhance the overall driving experience.

Damping Levels: With 32 ways of damping adjustment, you can fine-tune the rebound force settings to match your preferences. This allows for a personalized and comfortable ride.

Independent Spring Tension and Ride Height Adjustment: The coilovers allow separate adjustment of spring tension and ride height. This means you can achieve the desired stiffness and ride height independently, ensuring a proper setup for your vehicle.

Coilover Lowering Kit: These coilovers are exclusively designed for lowering and do not adjust to the factory ride height.


  • Improved Handling: The Rev 9 Hyper Street 2 Coilovers offer enhanced handling and performance on the road, making them a great choice for car enthusiasts.
  • Adjustable Ride Height: With independent spring tension and ride height adjustment, you can customize your vehicle’s height to match your style and preferences.
  • Damping Adjustment: The 32 clicks rebound adjustment allows you to fine-tune the suspension settings for a comfortable and controlled ride.


  • No Installation Instructions: The coilovers do not come with installation instructions. It is recommended to have them installed by experienced professionals to ensure proper setup and performance.

Overall, The Rev9 Hyper-Street II coilover suspension kit is a great choice if you want to make your car better. It can lower your car and make it go faster. It also makes your car look nicer. This kit has lots of features that make it a reliable option for people who are into cars.

What are Rev9 coilovers?

Rev9 coilovers are a type of suspension system for cars. They improve vehicle handling and stability. Rev9 manufactures them. They use high-grade materials and precise design for optimal performance. Coilovers are shock absorbers in coil springs. They directly affect the car’s handling, ride height, and alignment. Rev9 coilovers are adjustable, allowing drivers to fine-tune suspension. Car enthusiasts use them in everyday and performance-driven vehicles.

Who owns Rev9 coilovers?

Rev9 Coilovers are owned by Rev9 Autosport. The company provides high-performance auto parts to car enthusiasts worldwide. They prioritize quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. As a trusted name in the automotive aftermarket industry, Rev9 Autosport stands out with their sought-after Rev9 Coilovers. These coilovers offer exceptional performance, quality, and affordability, appealing to both racing enthusiasts and daily drivers.

Where are Rev9 coilovers made?

Rev9 Coilovers are manufactured in the United States, specifically in California. This location is home to the headquarters of Rev9 Autosport, where their team of skilled engineers and designers work diligently to produce these top-notch suspension systems. The company utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and quality control measures to ensure that every unit of their coilovers meets the high standards that they have set. Being made in the USA, purchasers can be confident in the quality and reliability of Rev9 Coilovers.

FAQs about Rev9 coilovers

Are rev9 coilovers adjustable?

Yes, Rev9 coilovers are fully adjustable. They feature independent spring tension and ride height settings with a 32-click rebound setting to allow users to customize their driving experience.

How do you adjust dampening on rev9 coilovers?

Adjusting dampening on Rev9 coilovers is a relatively simple process. First, you need to loosen the lock nut at the bottom of the shock body and then adjust it with an Allen wrench or small screwdriver. Once you have reached your desired settings, tighten the lock nut again for it to take effect. It’s important to remember that these adjustments should be made in small increments to ensure accuracy.

Do coilovers give a smooth ride?

Coilovers give a smooth ride. The shock absorbers and springs in the system soak up road bumps for a smoother experience. Ride quality depends on component quality and adjustment.

How do you know if coilovers are bad?

If your car feels rough over bumps or potholes, it might mean you need to replace the coilovers. If adjusting the dampening settings doesn’t reduce bouncing, the components are probably worn out. Rattling or squeaking noises could be a sign of bad coilovers that need changing.

What’s a good brand for coilovers?

There are many reputable brands that offer quality coilovers. Rev9 is a great option as they offer both performance and value for money. Their Hyper Street 2 line of coilovers offers adjustable dampening, front camber plates, and steel construction for durability. Another popular brand is KW Suspension, which offers similar features to the Hyper Street 2 at an even higher level. Both brands provide quality products that are sure to give you the performance and comfort your car needs.

What makes coilovers bouncy?

The bumpy ride may be coming from your coilovers. The dampening settings might be too low. This means that the coilovers cannot take in all the bumps and holes in the road, so you get a bouncy feeling. Worn out parts or not enough oil can also cause this problem. To fix it, adjust the dampening settings and replace any parts that are old or worn out.


In conclusion, the Rev9 coilovers are an excellent option for those looking to make improvements to their suspension set up. With a wide range of adjustability and customizable features, you can be sure your vehicle will experience improved handling and greater stability on the roads. Moreover,These coilovers provide great value for money. You will not be disappointed with their performance.

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