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Best F150 suspension upgrade for a Smoother Ride

Are you looking for the best suspension upgrade to give your F150 a smoother ride? Whether you’re driving off-road and hitting bumpy terrain, tired of struggling over speed bumps, or simply want to enjoy a more comfortable experience on long journeys – upgrading your F150’s suspension could be the perfect solution. If so, then it pays to do your research before taking the plunge. With so many different systems out there claiming to provide an improved ride quality, how do you know which is right for you? We’ll break down everything from coilovers and leaf springs to shock absorbers and other components in this blog post — helping you determine the best F150 suspension upgrade for your vehicle.

Popular Suspension upgrade types for Ford F150

There are different ways to make a Ford F-150 truck ride better and handle well. Let’s talk about some popular upgrades!

Shocks and Struts

One of the best suspension upgrades for a Ford F-150 is to replace the shocks and struts. This will help to improve the ride quality of your truck, as well as reduce body roll when cornering or taking sharp turns. Additionally, replacing worn out shocks and struts can help to improve braking performance, as they are responsible for keeping the tires in contact with the ground at all times.

Lowering Kit

Installing a lowering kit is another great way to upgrade your F-150’s suspension. Lowering kits allow you to adjust the height of your truck, which can be beneficial if you want a more aggressive look or improved handling characteristics. Additionally, it can also help to reduce drag while driving at higher speeds, resulting in improved fuel economy.

Sway Bars

Installing sway bars is another great way to upgrade your F-150’s suspension. Sway bars are designed to reduce body roll when cornering or taking sharp turns, improving overall handling performance and increasing driver confidence when behind the wheel. In addition, installing sway bars can also help to reduce tire wear, which will save you money in the long run.


Coilovers are adjustable suspension components that allow you to fine-tune the ride height and stiffness of your F-150’s suspension system. Installing coilovers can be beneficial if you want an adjustable setup that allows you to tailor your truck’s ride characteristics according to your own preferences or driving conditions.

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Control Arms

Replacing worn out control arms is another great way to upgrade your F-150’s suspension system. Control arms are responsible for keeping your wheels in alignment while driving, so replacing them with new ones can help improve steering response and handling performance on uneven roads or during tight maneuvers such as parking or maneuvering around obstacles on off-road trails.

Steering Stabilizers

Steering stabilizers are like special devices that make driving your F150 truck easier, especially when you’re driving on rough and bumpy roads. They help reduce wobbling and shaking of the wheels caused by uneven ground or old parts, which makes steering smoother and more manageable. It’s like having a little helper for your truck’s steering!

Air Suspension System

For those looking for an even more advanced suspension upgrade for their F-150, an air suspension system may be worth considering. Air suspensions use airbags instead of traditional springs and shock absorbers, allowing you to adjust the ride height of your truck on demand from inside the cab via a controller switch or smartphone app depending on what type of system you have installed in your vehicle..

Heavy Duty Suspension Parts  

If you plan on using your F-150 for heavy duty tasks such as hauling trailers or off-roading over rough terrain, then investing in heavy duty suspension components may be worth considering as well. Heavy duty parts such as reinforced control arms and upgraded shocks and struts can provide increased durability over stock parts while also providing improved handling characteristics when dealing with heavier loads or navigating steep inclines off road trails..

Wheel Spacers  

Wheel spacers are relatively inexpensive aftermarket components that are designed to increase the track width of your F-150’s wheels by pushing them further away from each other along their axles.. Using wheel spacers can give your truck a wider stance which helps improve its stability when cornering at higher speeds as well as reducing body roll due its increased track width.. Additionally installing wheel spacers may also give room for larger tires if desired without having any rubbing issues due its increased clearance between tires and fenders.

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Lift Kits

A lift kit is an excellent way to improve both the look and performance of your F150’s suspension system at the same time. These lift kits raise the vehicle’s center of gravity, resulting in improved stability while cornering or off-roading, as well as increased ground clearance for tackling tough terrain with ease. Lift kits also give your truck a more aggressive stance which can really set it apart from other vehicles on the road!


Bushings are small rubber components that connect suspension components together and help to absorb vibration from the road surface. Over time these bushings can degrade due to age or wear-and-tear resulting in increased vibration and reduced performance from your suspension system. Replacing worn or degraded bushings with upgraded aftermarket ones can help improve performance and reduce vibration from the road surface for a smoother ride experience in your F150.

Best F150 suspension upgrade – Top Recommend

#1. Supreme Suspensions – 2 to 2.5 Inch Rear Lift

This is a rear lift kit for 2004 – 2020 Ford F150 (2WD 4WD) trucks. It helps to raise the back of the vehicle by 2 to 2.5 inches. The kit includes high-strength steel add-a-leafs, alignment pins, spring clamps, vibration isolator pads, and a can cooler.

The main purpose of this product is to lift the rear suspension of the truck by 2 to 2.5 inches. What does that mean? Well, it helps to increase the height of the truck’s rear part, which can be useful for a few reasons.

First, it allows you to add bigger custom rims and tires to your truck, which can make it look really cool. Second, it helps you increase the load and towing capacity of your truck, which means you can carry and tow heavier things without straining the truck too much.

Lastly, it helps minimize squat, which means when you have a heavy load in the back, the truck won’t sag too much and will maintain a more level and stable position.


  • Can make your car go higher and carry heavier things
  • Allows you to have bigger tires on your car
  • Comes with extra parts to make your car stronger


  • May take some time to install

#2. RoadActive Suspension for Ford F150

The RoadActive Suspension for Ford F150 is an upgrade that makes the truck’s rear suspension stronger and more capable. It helps with handling heavy loads and makes the truck more stable on the road. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools or maintenance.

This product compatible with Ford F150 4WD made between 2009 and 2023

Here are the benefits of this upgrade:

  • It provides up to 40-50% more strength to the rear suspension, which means the truck can handle heavier loads without any problems.
  • It improves the squat of the truck by up to 2-3 inches, which helps keep the truck level and prevents it from sagging when carrying heavy loads.
  • It reduces sway and body roll, which means the truck feels more stable and doesn’t lean too much when going around corners.
  • It improves handling and stability, making the truck easier to drive and giving the driver more control.

One great thing about this upgrade is that it doesn’t require any adjustments once it’s installed. It will maintain or even improve the ride quality whether the truck is loaded or unloaded.


  • Makes your truck stronger and more stable
  • Improves handling and reduces swaying
  • Easy to install without any special tools


  • Only fits Ford F150 4WD made between 2009 and 2023

Overall, the RoadActive Suspension is a great upgrade for the Ford F150, making it stronger, more stable, and better equipped to handle heavy loads.

#3. KSP 2-4inch Upper Control Arms Compatible with Ford F-150

These KSP Upper Control Arms are specifically designed for Ford F-150 trucks from 2004 to 2020. They are a replacement for the original control arms and can lift the vehicle by 2-4 inches. You might need to speak to customer service if you have aftermarket rims instead of the stock ones.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • You don’t need to add extra grease to the ball joints.
  • After filling the grease, make sure to tighten the zerk properly but not too tight, as they can break easily.
  • It’s important to get an alignment done after installing the control arms.

These control arms have been improved for safety. They are welded using a special technique called TIG welding and the tubular design makes them stronger and more stable.

One of the cool things about these control arms is that they use PU bushing instead of rubber, which makes them better for colder temperatures. They also come with dust caps to increase their lifespan. The design has been improved to provide better off-road performance. With these control arms, you can lift your truck by 2 inches without having to change the shock absorbers.


  • Allows you to lift your truck by 2-4 inches.
  • Improved safety and stability.
  • PU bushing for better performance in cold temperatures.
  • Enhanced off-road driving capabilities.
  • Comes with a warranty.


  • Might not be suitable for all types of rims.
  • Requires an alignment after installation.

#4. Rough Country 3″ Vertex Adjustable Coilovers 

This is a really cool suspension upgrade for 4WD Ford F-150 model from 2014-2023 .These are special shock absorbers that help make your truck perform better when you’re driving off-road. They’re designed to give you a smoother ride and better control over your truck.

One really neat thing about these coilovers is that they have an adjustable feature. That means you can change how they work to match different driving conditions. For example, if you’re driving on bumpy roads, you can adjust the coilovers to make your ride smoother. And if you’re doing some serious off-roading, you can adjust them to give you more control over your truck.

The Rough Country coilovers are made with high-quality materials to make them strong and durable. They have a big piston and a tough piston rod that can handle rough terrains. Plus, they have a special seal system to make sure they last a long time. And they look really cool too, with a silver finish and some nice details.

One of the good things about these coilovers is that they come with a warranty. That means if anything goes wrong with them, you can get them replaced. But one thing to keep in mind is that they might be a bit expensive compared to regular shock absorbers.


  • Great for off-road adventures.
  • Offers a smooth and comfortable ride.
  • Adjustable to fit different preferences.
  • Durable and long-lasting.


  • a bit more expensive than regular shock absorbers.

#5. Timbren Suspension Kits 

The Timbren Suspension Kits are a special accessory that can make trucks and trailers even better! These kits are made by a brand called Timbren and they are designed to improve how the vehicle’s suspension works. Suspension is what helps the vehicle handle bumps on the road and keep it stable.

One of the best things about Timbren Suspension Kits is that they are very easy to use. They have rubber cushions that absorb shocks from the road and automatically adjust to make sure the vehicle stays level, even if there are heavy loads or the road is bumpy. This means a smoother ride for you!

Another great thing about these kits is that they are simple to install. You don’t need any special tools or skills – just some basic hand tools will do the trick. There’s no need to drill any holes or worry about airlines or fittings. You can have the kit installed in just a few minutes!

One of the benefits of using Timbren Suspension Kits is that they can make your vehicle safer. They help reduce trailer sway, instability, and suspension settling, which can all be dangerous on the road. Plus, the ride becomes even more comfortable!


  • Enhanced suspension for a smoother ride.
  • Easy to install with basic hand tools.
  • Ensures added safety and peace of mind


  • Check compatible with your F150 model

How to choose the best F150 suspension upgrade 

Choosing the best suspension upgrade for your F150 truck can be an important decision. Let’s break it down :

Step 1: Understand Your Needs

First, think about how you use your truck. Do you mostly drive on smooth roads or do you go off-roading? If you stick to smooth roads, a softer suspension setup would be better. But if you plan on going off-road or towing heavy things, a stiffer suspension setup would be more suitable.

Step 2: Consider Your Budget

Next, let’s consider your budget. That means thinking about how much money you’re willing to spend. Suspension upgrades can be cheap, like shocks and struts, or more expensive, like lift kits and airbags. Understanding your budget will help you make choices that fit what you can afford.

Step 3: Research Different Brands

Now it’s time to look at different brands and products. Read reviews online from other truck owners who have used the same product you’re interested in. This will help you understand if the product works well and is worth the money.

Step 4: Check Manufacturer Specifications

Before you make a decision, make sure the suspension upgrade is compatible with your specific truck model. Some upgrades may need extra parts or modifications, so read the instructions carefully.

Step 5: Consider Installation Difficulty

Think about how easy or difficult it will be to install the suspension upgrade. Some upgrades need a professional mechanic, while others can be done at home with basic tools. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, it’s best to get help from a professional.

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FAQs about F150 suspension upgrade

How can I make my F150 ride smoother?

One way to make your F150 ride smoother is by installing a suspension upgrade. Suspension upgrades replace the factory shocks and springs with components that are designed to provide increased comfort, handling, and performance. Additionally, some suspension kits also allow for additional modifications such as adjustable ride height or camber settings.

When should I replace my F150 suspension?

It is always a good idea to inspect your suspension components periodically. Signs that you may need to replace or upgrade your components include excessive wear, leaks, noises, or poor handling performance. If you are unsure whether or not your current suspension needs to be replaced, it is best to consult a professional for an inspection and advice.

How can I improve my truck rear suspension?

Installing a new rear suspension kit is one of the best ways to improve performance in your F150. This is because the factory components are not designed for high-performance driving. A new suspension kit will provide improved handling, stability, and overall comfort by replacing outdated parts with those that have been specifically engineered for enhanced performance. Additionally, many kits come with adjustable ride height or camber settings, allowing you to customize the ride of your truck even further.

Can I install F150 suspension upgrades myself?

Yes, many suspension upgrade kits can be installed by the average DIYer with basic mechanical skills and tools. However, it is recommended that those without experience have a professional do the installation for best results. Additionally, depending on the kit, some components may require additional modifications or welding for installation. If you are unsure of whether a professional install is necessary, consult your suspension manufacturer for more information.

What suspension gives the smoothest ride?

Air suspension systems are renowned for providing the smoothest-possible ride in a vehicle. This is because air shocks can be adjusted to provide an ideal level of support at any given time, allowing them to respond quickly and effectively to changing road conditions. Additionally, they also help reduce fatigue by evenly distributing weight across all four tires. Installing an air suspension system is a great way to get the most out of your F150’s suspension.

Do I need an alignment after installing a new suspension kit?

Yes, it is always recommended that you perform at least a basic wheel alignment following the installation of any new suspension components. This will ensure that all four wheels are perfectly level and parallel to one another, providing the maximum amount of contact with the road and helping to maximize your suspension kit’s performance. Additionally, an alignment will also help you get the most out of your new tire and wheel upgrades.

Is stiffer suspension better for bumpy roads?

Stiffer suspension is generally better for off-roading as it allows more control over the vehicle. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is ideal for every bumpy road situation. On smoother roads, a softer suspension can help to reduce vibration and provide a more comfortable ride. Ultimately, the best setup for your F150 depends on what type of driving you’re doing and your personal preferences.


Installing a suspension upgrade on your F150 is an excellent way to improve the performance and stability of your vehicle. Depending on your needs, there are a number of suspension options available to choose from. Additionally, be sure to consider other upgrades that can help you get the most out of your truck, such as high-flow exhaust systems and wheel alignments. With proper installation and maintenance, your F150 suspension upgrade will keep you riding comfortably for years to come.

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