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Best Coilovers for Daily Driving

Are you looking for a reliable suspension upgrade that can improve your daily driving comfort and performance? Coilovers are an ideal solution, as they offer greater customization and adjustable ride heights so that you can tailor the ride to your exact needs.

When it comes to enhancing your daily driving experience, one upgrade that can make a significant difference is the installation of coilovers. Coilovers are a crucial component of your car’s suspension system, directly impacting comfort, handling, and overall performance.

With so many different coilover models on the market, selecting the best coilovers for daily driving can be a challenging task, but don’t worry! This guide aims to simplify that process, providing you with reliable and practical information to help you make the best choice. Here, we will delve into the top coilovers suitable for daily driving, considering factors like durability, comfort, adjustability, and cost. Read on to learn more about how these systems work and discover which one is right for you!

What is a Coilover ?

A coilover, short for “coil-over shock absorber”, is an integral part of a car’s suspension system. It’s essentially a spring coiled around a shock absorber, assembled as one unit before it’s installed in a car. The primary function of a coilover is to manage the energy generated by the suspension springs and maintain the wheels’ contact with the road. This combination of spring and shock absorber not only absorbs bumps and irregularities of the road but also significantly improves the handling and control of the vehicle, making it a popular choice for performance and daily driving enhancements. Coilovers are highly adjustable, allowing drivers to personalize their vehicle’s ride height and stiffness, offering an optimal balance between comfort and performance.

Different Types of Coilovers to Consider for Daily Driving

When choosing the best coilovers for daily driving, it’s essential to understand the different types available and their unique characteristics. This knowledge is crucial in determining which variant best aligns with your driving needs and car specifications.

Full Coilovers: Full coilovers are the go-to choice for many car enthusiasts due to their high-performance capabilities. They come pre-assembled with matched springs and shocks, which ensures compatibility and simplifies the installation process. These units offer the greatest level of adjustability, including ride height, spring pre-load, and often damping settings, allowing you to fine-tune your driving experience.

Slip-on Coilovers: Also known as “sleeve coilovers”, these systems are an economical choice for those looking to upgrade their suspension without spending too much money. Slip-on coilovers are adjustable spring perches that slide over your existing shocks, providing an adjustable ride height. While they don’t offer the damping adjustability of full coilovers, they can significantly improve handling for daily driving.

Spring and Damper Coilovers: These coilovers are different in that you can choose the spring and damper separately. This gives you more flexibility to mix and match components based on your individual preferences. However, they require more knowledge about suspension setups.

Street Coilovers: Street coilovers are specifically designed for daily driving. They offer a smoother ride quality, absorbing road irregularities effectively. These coilovers prioritize comfort, making them an excellent choice for daily commuting.

Benefits of Installing Coilovers on Your Vehicle for Daily Driving

Coilovers are designed to improve handling, and when paired with the right components, they can make your vehicle much more enjoyable to drive on a daily basis. Here are some of the key benefits that come with installing coilovers:

  • Increased Performance: Coilovers offer increased performance due to their stiffer springs, which reduce body roll and increase cornering grip. This means your car will be more responsive and agile, giving you the confidence to push it harder when driving.
  • Adjustable Ride Height: Coilovers also allow you to adjust your ride height, which can help you get the exact look you want for your vehicle. You can lower or raise the ride height depending on what works best for your performance needs.
  • Improved Comfort: Coilovers are designed to improve the overall comfort of your ride. They provide a smoother ride quality, as they absorb most road irregularities effectively. This makes them ideal for daily driving.
  • Durability: Coilovers are made from high-quality materials that make them incredibly durable. When maintained properly, coilovers can last many years and can handle the wear and tear of daily driving.
  • Improved Handling: Coilovers are designed to improve your car’s handling characteristics. They provide better feedback and more balanced dampening, which can make cornering much smoother and more enjoyable. This increased precision will help you get the most out of your car when driving on twisty roads, as well as give you the confidence to drive harder in the corners.
  • Enhanced Cornering Grip: Coilovers are also designed to enhance your car’s cornering grip. By lowering your center of gravity and increasing roll stiffness, coilovers can help improve grip levels on winding roads and increas your car’s stability when cornering at higher speeds. This improved grip will make your driving experience much more enjoyable.

If you’re looking for improved performance, adjustability, and comfort for your daily driver, then coilovers are a great option to consider. They’ll not only improve the ride quality but also make your car more enjoyable to drive on a daily basis. So if you’re looking to upgrade your suspension setup, be sure to check out the best coilovers for daily driving. You won’t be disappointed!

Top 6 Best Coilovers for Daily Driving

#1. Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover

The Rev9 Hyper-Street II Coilover is an ideal suspension upgrade for daily driving. It offers a combination of performance and comfort, allowing you to enjoy a smooth ride while still enhancing your vehicle’s handling capabilities. The coilover features mono-tube shocks with 32 clicks rebound settings, providing excellent control and adjustability.

Features and Benefits:

Specially Designed Coil Springs Over Shock Kit: This kit is designed to lower your vehicle properly, ensuring optimal performance without sacrificing comfort. The spring rates of 7 kg/mm (392 lbs/inch) in the front and 5 kg/mm (280 lbs/inch) in the rear provide a balanced and responsive ride.

Mono-Tube Shock with Steel Alloy Body and Valving: The shock absorber’s mono-tube design allows for a larger capacity of gas and oil, resulting in improved comfort levels. The steel alloy body provides durability and strength. With 32 clicks rebound force adjustment, you can fine-tune the suspension to your preference, whether you prefer a softer or stiffer ride.

Independent Spring Tension and Ride Height Settings: This feature allows you to adjust the stiffness and ride height separately, giving you complete control over the suspension setup. You can easily customize the settings to match your driving style and preferences.


  • Improved performance and handling for daily driving
  • Enhanced comfort with the ability to fine-tune rebound settings
  • Full length adjustability for a customized ride height
  • High-quality mono-tube shocks for improved ride quality


  • Installation instructions not included

#2. Rancho QuickLIFT Suspension Strut and Coil Spring 

The Rancho QuickLIFT Suspension Strut and Coil Spring is a complete solution designed for late model trucks and SUVs. It provides leveling and lifting capabilities without the need for a complete suspension system replacement. This easy bolt-on assembly includes an application-specific coil spring and upper mounting plate, making installation a breeze. With this system, you can level your front suspension, reducing the factory rake and giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance. Additionally, it offers increased ground clearance, allowing for the use of larger tires for a custom look.

Features and Benefits:

One of the key features of the Rancho QuickLIFT Suspension Strut and Coil Spring is its nine levels of performance. It comes equipped with an RS9000XL strut that has a nine-position easy-to-adjust knob. This allows you to have full control over the damping, giving you the flexibility to adjust it according to different on-road and off-road conditions.

Another noteworthy feature is the built-to-last design. The low-friction, self-lubricating seal retains gas and oil, resulting in quicker rebound and smoother compression. The premium liquid metallic finish and polyvinyl protective boot ensure a long lifespan, making this a durable choice for daily driving.


  • Easy bolt-on installation
  • Leveling and lifting capabilities
  • Increased ground clearance for larger wheels and tires
  • Customizable damping control
  • Long-lasting durability


  • May not be suitable for extreme off-roading

#3. Monroe Load Adjusting Suspension Shock Absorber and Coil Spring

The Monroe Load Adjusting Suspension Shock Absorber and Coil Spring is an ideal choice for daily driving, especially for light trucks that tow or carry varying loads. It offers exceptional handling and consistent ride quality, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging road conditions.

Features and Benefits:

Reduces Sag Under Load: Designed for occasional hauling or towing, the heavy gauge, calibrated coil spring helps reduce sag when loaded up to 1,200 lbs. This capacity may be limited by suspension, tires, and transmission, so it’s important to refer to the owner’s manual for specific details.

Exceptional Handling: The shock absorber is tuned specifically for each application, ensuring that the full-displaced valving automatically adjusts to road extremes. This provides consistent ride quality and improved handling.

Consistent Ride: The OE all-weather fluid contains special modifiers to handle extreme temperatures, while the PTFE-banded piston reduces friction between the piston and pressure tube. This enhances the shock absorber’s responsiveness to changing road surfaces.

Longer Service Life: With a self-lubricating fluid seal that retains gas and reduces excessive friction against the piston rod, premature wear is minimized. Additionally, the heavy-duty nitrocarburized rod delivers extended durability.

Improved Performance: The nitrogen gas-charge helps maintain tire-to-road contact, resulting in enhanced ride and handling. It reduces aeration and shock fade, ensuring consistent performance on various road conditions.


  • Provides extra control and stability when towing or carrying varying loads
  • Offers consistent ride quality and handling in different driving conditions
  • Ensures longer service life due to reduced friction and wear


  • Capacity is limited by suspension, tires, and transmission

#4. ECCPP Coilover Struts Spring Shocks Assembly

The ECCPP Coilover Struts Spring Shocks Assembly is an excellent choice for daily driving. This product offers a range of features that provide several benefits to enhance your driving experience. Let’s discuss the details of these features :

Adjustable height and camber plate: The ECCPP Coilover Struts Spring Shocks Assembly allows you to adjust the height according to your preference. Additionally, the adjustable camber plate ensures improved handling and stability during cornering.

Non Adjustable Damper: This product features non-adjustable dampers that provide a perfect balance between comfort and performance for your daily driving needs.

Spring Rate: The ECCPP Coilover Struts Spring Shocks Assembly comes with a spring rate of 8kg/1 for the front and 6kg/1 for the rear. This ensures a comfortable yet sporty driving experience.

Easy Installation: Direct replacement and easy installation make it convenient for any user. The included bushings save time and labor during the installation process.


  • Reduces cornering roll for improved handling
  • Enhances braking performance
  • Improves steering response and precision
  • Boosts overall driving safety


  • Not suitable for extreme off-road conditions

#5. maXpeedingrods Coilover Adjustable

The maXpeedingrods Coilover Adjustable is a versatile auto part designed to enhance the performance of your car. With its practical features and adjustable settings, it is an ideal choice for daily driving and various road conditions.

Features and Benefits:

24 Rebound Force Levels: With 24 levels of rebound force adjustment, you can easily customize the suspension to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s street driving, tackling mountainous terrains, or hitting the race tracks, you can find the perfect setting for optimal performance.

Adjustable Height: This coilover allows you to lower or raise your car’s height by 1-3 inches. This feature not only gives your vehicle a more aggressive stance but also improves steering feel and response. The deep groove ball bearing structure further enhances cornering stability and reduces noise.

Spring Rate and Length: The front spring rate of 8 kg/mm (448 lbs/in) and 5 kg/mm (280 lbs/in), combined with the spring preload of 7-10 mm, ensures optimal performance. The coilover overall length ranges from 365mm-410mm for the front and 435mm-480mm for the rear.

Twin-Tube Structure: Unlike mono-tube construction, the twin-tube design offers a longer stroke, higher height adjustability, and a more comfortable riding experience. It reduces pressure on the joints, minimizes friction, and ensures smoother travel with less effort.


  • Offers excellent adjustability for different driving conditions.
  • Provides a more aggressive stance and customizable ride height.
  • Reduces pressure on the joints for a comfortable driving experience.


  • May require some adjustments and fine-tuning to find the optimal setting for your specific needs.

#6. Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit

The Godspeed MonoSS Coilover Lowering Kit is ideal for daily driving due to its exceptional performance and affordability. This single-adjustable coilover suspension kit is designed with a carbon seamless steel 52mm tube and a performance internal piston, providing maximum damper response. The use of high strength SAE9252 steel for the cold-bent springs ensures a balance between performance and comfort.

With 16 levels of damper adjustment, this kit offers precise customization to suit individual preferences. The front camber plates with pillow ball mount allow for easy camber adjustment. The inclusion of a Koyo Japan 6204z bearing ensures smooth operation. Polyurethane bushings, when applicable, further enhance the overall experience.

The MonoSS features a monotube shock design and an anodized shock body for durability. The lightweight aluminum lower mount and T7075 forged aluminum or carbon steel brackets reduce weight without compromising strength. The 52mm carbon steel shock body, coupled with a high viscosity index race shock oil, ensures optimal performance in various temperatures, both on and off the track.


  • Affordably priced
  • Customizable suspension settings with 16 levels of damper adjustment
  • Smooth and controlled ride with maximum damper response
  • Suitable for both daily driving and occasional track use


  • Professional installation recommended for optimal results

Choosing the best coilovers for daily driving involves careful consideration of several factors:

Vehicle Compatibility

It’s important to make sure the coilovers you choose are compatible with your car. Different models of cars have different suspension setups, so make sure to check for compatibility before making a purchase.

Comfort Level

Coilovers come in a range of comfort levels, from ultra-stiff racing-spec to softer more comfortable street-spec versions. If you plan on doing a lot of long-distance driving, then it’s best to go for softer coilovers to ensure a comfortable ride.


Some coilovers come with adjustable dampers, which allow you to fine-tune the suspension settings for different types of roads or driving conditions. If you plan on taking your car to the track, then adjustable coilovers are a must-have.

Quality and Durability

Look for coilovers that are well-made and constructed from high-quality materials. The durability of your coilovers is crucial, especially for daily driving. Check customer reviews and ratings to ascertain the longevity of the product.


Finally, it’s important to consider your budget when choosing coilovers. There is a wide range of prices available on the market, so make sure you choose something that fits within your target price range.


If you’re not comfortable installing coilovers yourself, then it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Most coilover kits come with installation instructions, but if you’re unsure of anything then it’s best to seek help from a professional mechanic.

Coilover Vs Lowering Springs

When comparing coilovers and lowering springs, it’s crucial to understand the distinctions and the impact they have on daily driving.

Coilovers are a complete suspension system that replaces your vehicle’s existing setup, giving you full control over your vehicle’s suspension. They offer adjustability in ride height, damping, and sometimes even spring rate, enabling fine-tuning for a customized driving experience. This makes them an excellent choice for car enthusiasts who value flexibility and control. However, quality coilovers often come at a higher price point, which is a crucial factor to consider.

Lowering springs, on the other hand, are a simpler and more affordable option. They are designed to lower your car’s ride height for improved aesthetics and potentially better handling. However, they don’t offer the level of adjustability that coilovers do. Lowering springs may also result in a harsher ride, which might not be ideal for daily driving.

In summary, if budget and simplicity are the primary concerns, lowering springs can be a good option. But if adjustability and customization are paramount, and budget is less of a concern, coilovers could be the best choice for daily driving.

Installing and Setting Up Your Coilovers

The process of installing coilovers can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle, but the basic steps remain relatively consistent. Before starting installation, ensure you have the necessary tools, including a car jack, jack stands, and a socket set.

Begin by using the car jack to raise your vehicle and secure it on the jack stands for safety. Remove the wheel to expose the suspension system. Unbolt the current suspension components and remove them, taking care to keep all bolts and screws in a safe place.

Next, install the coilovers. Make sure to precisely follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the correct installation. Coilovers usually bolt directly into the same mounting points as the original suspension. Once installed, check all bolts and connections to ensure they’re secure.

Setting up your coilovers involves adjusting their height and damping to suit your preferences. The height affects both the ride quality and the car’s appearance, while the damping controls how the suspension reacts to bumps and corners. For most daily drivers, a moderate height and damping setting is recommended, offering a balance between performance and comfort.

Remember, the goal for the best coilovers for daily driving is achieving a comfortable ride that matches your driving style and conditions. If you’re not confident in making these adjustments yourself, seeking professional assistance may be beneficial.

And finally, after the installation and setup are done, a professional wheel alignment is recommended to ensure the car tracks straight and handles predictably. This is especially important if your coilovers are adjustable.

Common Mistakes When Installing Coilovers and How to Avoid Them

One common mistake when installing coilovers for daily driving is neglecting to properly torque the bolts during installation. Improper torque can lead to bolts coming loose over time or even damaging the parts. Always consult with your coilovers’ manual for the correct torquing specification.

Another frequent error is forgetting to perform a wheel alignment after the coilover installation. This can lead to abnormal tire wear and negatively impact your car’s handling. Always have a professional wheel alignment done after installing new coilovers.

Lastly, some people fail to correctly adjust the height and damping of their coilovers. This can result in poor ride quality and performance. It is crucial to understand the manufacturer’s instructions regarding these adjustments, and set the height and damping according to your daily driving conditions and preferences. If you’re unsure, getting help from a professional can prevent these issues.

Avoiding these common mistakes will help ensure that you get the best possible performance and comfort from your coilovers.

FAQs about Coilovers for Daily Driving

Which coilovers are comfortable?

Coilovers with adjustable ride height and damping are the most comfortable. This allows you to adjust both height and stiffness to suit your driving preferences, allowing you to achieve a smooth ride that is well suited for daily driving.

Can you daily drive on coilovers?

Yes, coilovers are suitable for daily driving. They provide better handling than stock suspension systems and can be adjusted to achieve comfortable ride quality. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to adjusting the height and damping of your coilovers. Additionally, don’t forget to perform a wheel alignment after installation!

Should I get coilovers or lowering springs for daily driver?

It depends on your preferences and budget. Coilovers are generally considered to be the better option for daily driving, as they provide adjustable ride height and damping, allowing you to customize your ride quality. Lowering springs are a cheaper alternative but do not offer any adjustability. Therefore, coilovers are usually the preferred choice for daily drivers looking for the best performance and comfort.

Do coilovers make car ride smoother?

Yes, coilovers can make a car ride smoother. With adjustable ride height and damping, you can customize the suspension to suit your driving preferences. This allows for improved road comfort, handling, and overall performance. Additionally, installing coilovers will reduce body roll in the corners and keep tires planted better on uneven surfaces.

Why are coilovers better than stock suspension?

Coilovers are better than stock suspension in a number of ways. First, they offer adjustable ride height and damping, allowing you to customize the ride quality to suit your preferences. Second, coilovers tend to be lighter than stock suspension systems, which helps reduce unsprung weight and improve handling. Third, they provide improved handling with reduced body roll in the turns and better traction on uneven surfaces. Finally, coilovers can also improve ride comfort by providing a more compliant ride over bumps and irregularities in the road.

Why is my car so bouncy on coilovers?

If your car is bouncing excessively with coilovers, it could be caused by a few different things. First, the ride height may be too low, which can cause an uncomfortable ride and excessive bouncing. Second, the dampers may need to be adjusted or replaced if they are not providing enough support for the weight of your vehicle. Lastly, the springs may need to be adjusted or replaced if they are not providing adequate support. If you are unsure, it’s best to consult a professional before making any changes to the suspension system.

Are more expensive coilovers better?

More expensive coilovers may offer better performance, but that doesn’t always mean they are the best option. It’s important to look at the features and specifications of each set and decide which one will give you the most value for your money. Generally speaking, more expensive coilovers will have higher quality components and better adjustability than cheaper models. However, if your goal is to just improve the ride quality of your car for daily driving, a cheaper set may be enough.

What should I replace with coilovers?

When installing coilovers, you should replace the shocks and struts of your suspension system. The springs should also be replaced, since they are an integral part of the new suspension setup. Depending on the type of coilovers you have chosen, additional parts such as adjustable camber plates and bump stops may need to be installed as well. It is important to consult the installation instructions for your specific set of coilovers to ensure you have all the necessary components. With the right setup, coilovers can provide improved handling and added comfort for daily driving.


In conclusion, selecting the best coilovers for daily driving relies on several factors, including your vehicle’s weight, ride height, and overall performance needs. While more expensive coilovers often provide greater adjustability and higher quality components, they may not always offer the best value for daily drivers. Aiming for a balance between cost, performance, and durability will ensure you get the best value for your money. Replacing your suspension system should be a comprehensive process, ensuring all parts are in sync for optimal performance and comfort.

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