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4 Inch Lift Kit Before And After

 This article will specifically focus on the 4 Inch lift kit before and after installation. We’ll explore what a 4-inch lift kit is, why it’s a popular choice, and what you can expect regarding changes to your Silverado truck after the installation.
If you’re a truck or SUV owner looking to upgrade your ride, installing a lift kit is one of the most popular modifications. Lift kits come in various sizes and types, and can provide a range of benefits, from enhanced performance and off-road capabilities to improved appearance and style.

Benefits of a 4-inch lift kit

If you’re looking for a reliable way to lift your vehicle, then installing a 4-inch lift kit is the perfect solution. There are plenty of advantages that come with outfitting your ride with a four-inch suspension lift.

One of the biggest benefits of using this lift kit is improved performance. A higher stance can provide improved ground clearance, allowing you to navigate through rough terrain with ease. A higher center of gravity will also provide better handling in tight turns and on unpredictable surfaces.

In addition to providing a smoother ride, the lift kit can significantly enhance the look of your vehicle. It’s an easy way to give your truck or SUV a more aggressive appearance that is sure to turn heads. It can also make your vehicle appear larger, which is great if you’re looking to make a statement.

Installing a 4-inch lift kit can also allow for the installation of larger tires, which provide more traction and are capable of traversing even rougher terrain. The addition of off-road accessories like light bars or roof racks will be much easier with the lift kit, as it provides the necessary clearance.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits to outfitting your vehicle with a 4-inch lift kit. Not only does it provide improved performance and looks, but you can also expect to see some cost savings in fuel economy due to reduced drag from the increased ground clearance. It’s an easy and affordable way to upgrade your ride and make sure that it provides the ultimate in performance and style.

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What to expect before the Lift ?

Why would you want to add a 4-inch lift kit to your truck or SUV if it already looks good? Before you change your ride, you should know what it’s like to drive a stock car and the benefits of lifting it.

Hear are some Problems with Driving a Stock Car :

Most stock vehicles are low to the ground and have little ground clearance. This can make it hard to get around rough ground, steep slopes, and big obstacles. If you like to go off-roading, hunting, or fishing, a stock car might not be able to take you where you want to go.

Also, stock cars have limited suspension movement, which makes the ride rough and bumpy. The suspension is meant to absorb bumps from the road or trail, but if it bottoms out, it can damage your car and make the ride uncomfortable.

Stock cars also have a small amount of tire clearance, which limits the types of tires you can put on them. If you want bigger tires for better off-road performance, you might need a stock car to be able to do that.

How does Truck look before and after installing 

4 inch Lift Kit ?

Looking to enhance your truck’s look and capability? Consider a 4-inch lift kit! With this simple upgrade, you can transform your Ford F-150, Jeep Wrangler, Chevrolet Silverado, or RAM 1500 into an imposing and stylish powerhouse.

Before installation, trucks typically sit low to the ground, making them appear smaller than they truly are. However, with this lift kit, your truck will gain an aggressive stance and improved stability on uneven terrain.

Not only does this lift kit boost aesthetics, but it also offers practical advantages. By increasing tire clearance, you can equip larger, more rugged tires that excel in off-road conditions such as mud, snow, and gravel. Additionally, the larger tire size provides enhanced ground clearance, making it easier to navigate obstacles.

By improving traction and ground clearance, this lift kit can shield your truck from damage and extend its lifespan. Rest assured that your vehicle is well-equipped to conquer challenging terrain.

Moreover, the lift kit allows for customization. Upgrade your shocks, springs, or control arms to personalize your truck’s appearance and performance.

Upgrade your truck with a 4-inch lift kit and enjoy its enhanced look, improved capability, and increased durability. Choose from a wide range of options that suit your budget and style, regardless of the truck you own.

Stand out on the road or trail with a lifted truck! Experience better ground clearance and improved traction with larger tires. Enhance your truck’s style, performance, and durability by selecting a reliable and cost-effective lift kit. Don’t hesitate—install a 4-inch lift kit on your truck today!

Ford F-150

Ford F150 4-Inch Lift Kit Before and After

The Ford F150 was too low to the ground and could not go off-road without getting damaged. The owner put a lift kit on it so it would be higher and bigger tires could fit. Now it looks better and can drive over bumps easily.

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Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler 4-Inch Lift Kit Before and After

This Jeep Wrangler was already good for off-roading, but the owner wanted it to be even better. He put in a 4-inch lift kit. This made the vehicle sit higher and gave it bigger tires and more ground clearance. It also made the ride smoother even on bumpy roads.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silverado 4-Inch Lift Kit Before and After

This Chevrolet Silverado was not made for driving on dirt or rocky roads. The owner put a 4-inch lift on it which raised it up higher. He also added bigger tires and stronger suspension so the truck can drive on rough ground.

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Ram 1500

Ram 1500 4-Inch Lift Kit Before and After

The owner wanted to make the truck better for off-roading. So, they got a 4-inch lift kit. This goes higher so they could have bigger tires and more space. Then, the suspension system was improved too. This made it easier and smoother to drive over rough ground. It also looks really cool now!

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What is a 4- inch Lift Kit?

A 4-inch lift kit is a type of suspension modification that raises the height of your vehicle by four inches. This is achieved by installing new suspension components, such as shocks, springs, and lift blocks, which elevate the body and increase ground clearance. This lift kit is considered a moderate lift size, providing a noticeable increase in height without making the vehicle too top-heavy or difficult to drive.

Why choose a 4- inch Lift Kit?

This lift kit can help you do lots of things. It can give you more space to drive over rocky roads or tall obstacles. You will have better control with bigger tires. You can also see better when going up or down hills. If you like how it looks, a 4-inch lift kit can make your vehicle look tough and cool! It also lets you add wheels, flares, and grilles for even more style!

How much does a 4in lift cost ?

A 4-inch lift kit for a truck or SUV can cost between $400-$1500. But it might be more if you buy a special kind. You may also need to pay extra money for someone to install it, and other changes like bigger tires.


Overall, lifting your truck 4 inches or more can be a great way to customize and differentiate your ride. It will give you increased ground clearance and suspension travel, allowing you to take on difficult terrain with ease. Plus, the improved styling of a lifted truck offers an overall better look.

The before and after images throughout this blog post show that even small lifts make a significant difference in the appearance and feel of your vehicle. If you’re looking for a way to upgrade your ride without too much effort, then investing in a 4 inch lift kit could be the perfect solution for you.

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